Novak brought me back my love of tennis

Story about how one scrawny kid from Serbia brought me back my interest in tennis

Novak brought me back my love of tennis

Story about how one scrawny kid from Serbia brought me back my interest in tennis


Photo: Adriatik Illustration

When I was a little girl, I used to be fascinated by those big orange courts on TV: Roland Garros. The French Open. One that every single French person has seen on TV at least once in their lives. It caught my eye so much that I started playing tennis myself at 7 years old and it was just love at first sight until… Until for personal reasons, I had to stop. Heartbroken isn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings back then. But that was it, I had to stop playing and my child heart didn’t want to watch any more tennis either.

But then, my interest to tennis came back in June 2006. Why? Thanks to this player that I had never have heard of before. He had just withdrawn, two sets down vs the defending champion and the TV that happened to be on was showing him wearing the French jersey even though he was not French and he was saying that his opponent wasn't unbeatable even though he had just lost.

I wanted to know his name.

Novak Djokovic.

Novak Đoković wearing the French jersey

That was the beginning of an idol story, an idol who has brought so much into my life, even more so since I made the conscious decision to save as much money that I can to go and support him all around the world. Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to once again thank Novak because this man is a very special one.

Thank you, Novak, for having one of the most beautiful tennis games ever and for being the best example of how one can turn defence into attack during a point or with a killer return.

Thank you, Novak, for always showing what true class and respect towards opponents are.

Thank you, Novak, for proving that one can start with not much and yet can make it to the top thanks to hard work determination and self-belief.

Thank you, Novak, for being so selfless and generous by helping so many people, whether it's children in Serbia or players that are lower ranked or people in need that you encounter.

Thank you, Novak, for inspiring us, for inspiring me and proving that despite all the obstacles one can face, there is always a higher road.

And finally:  thank you, Novak, for the kindness respect and generosity you and your team always show me. You inspire me. You and your career and everything you've had to go through back then and now make me dream, make me feel that I can achieve anything, make me feel invincible and have opened the doors of travelling adventures experiences and social encounters to a level that I never thought was possible.

You are an amazing idol to have and I’m so proud to be one of your millions of fans.

Always here for you, always having your back.

Julie with Nole at Novak Tennis Center in Belgrade
Photo: Julie S.
Julie with Jelena Đoković
Photo: Julie S.
Julie and the #NoleFam in Belgrade
Photo: Julie S.
Julie S.



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